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Is Technology Ruining Our Relationships?

Many wonder if technology is actually causing a rift between spouses, or whether it’s just an expression of our personal preferences and activities. The truth is that technology can interfere with the human relationship and weaken the social bonds between people.

Is Technology Wasting Our Relationships?- Maybe. But it’s Worse Than You Think!

It’s a fact that nearly 80% of all married couples in the United States are happy married couples. Of course, when you compare this number to those who are single, the percentage of happy single couples is significantly higher. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship will fail if you’re not in a marriage, but it does raise some concerns.

How can we truly gauge if our relationship is experiencing issues when we’re looking at our computer screens or our phones more than we do our human relationship? Can technology really ruin our relationships? The answer is an emphatic no.

It is important to remember that technology can only interfere with the human relationship, but not necessarily destroy it. On the contrary, technology can actually bring two people closer together because of its conveniences.

Not everything you do on your computer, phone, or any other gadget will be the same as what your partner’s doing, but often times you can at least pick up the pace a little. Maybe you’ll be able to stop texting too quickly, or maybe not reply to your partner’s emails.

It’s also a good thing to realize that sometimes it is just easier to continue using technology than it is to try and spend more time bonding with someone. I’m sure if you ask my grandmother, she’d probably agree with me.

Just because technology can be considered an enemy does not mean that it’s always a hindrance in a relationship. If your relationship has suffered due to the internet, then maybe you should try and reevaluate what brought about the issues in the first place. Not every technological issue is caused by our technology.

Maybe it was the fact that your spouse didn’t seem to care for your technological ability, or they simply did not connect with it. Maybe it was a philosophical disagreement that was hard to resolve. Whatever the issue was, it could be traced back to the relationship.

Once you realize that you and your spouse are capable of differentiating the human emotion from technology, you will be able to put your relationship back on track. Technology may not always be the best option, but it does have its place in most people’s lives.

Is Technology Wasting Our Relationships? – It Can’t Ruin It! But It Can Completely Change It!

While technology can completely change your relationship, it can never ruin it completely, although many happily married couples can attest to this. Technology is merely the tool that your partner uses to work on their relationship and can be an excellent partner for your own.